NB3K Monitoring for Courtesy Shuttle Vans

To reduce these accidents, Nimbii monitors all driving in real time with a combination of our hardware & software!

● Step 1: Let us take 30 sec. to plug in the hardware.

● Step 2: Sit back and let the insights start rolling in.


1. Monitoring of all drive details including destination, duration, gas usage, speeding, deceleration, and more!

2. Useful, understandable reports with INSIGHTS, not just data.

3. Comprehensive training and assessments for all drivers.

Our Track Record

  • Our current clients have seen a sweeping improvement.
  • We’ve monitored over 7,000 miles with ZERO accidents. That’s Dallas all the way to China!

Hospitality Partners

The Nimbii team looks forward to working with you in providing useful hardware and software that delights your customers and increases your revenue, with low up front cost and minimal investment.

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