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Q: What is the change in operations for my courtesy van driving?
A: It takes us about 30 seconds to plug in the hardware one time. That’s the only difference!

Q: How much does this cost?
A: Let’s make a deal! 🙂 info@GoNimbii.com

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: If you have a month to month plan, your plan will immediately change to deactivated, but no refund once 7 days has passed into the month. If you have a longer-term plan, 50% of the payment will be refunded if deactivated before the halfway mark.

Q: This sounds awesome, do you have plans on expanding?
A: Yup! We’re always looking for more hospitality partners, and we have plans to expand to the valet side!

Q: Is there an additional legal clause we need to add to let our customers know we are monitoring the vehicles?
A: Yes- In order to augment our valet services and enhance your overall valet experience, a device may be attached to your vehicle while it is in the care of the valet service. The device uses software to monitor, collect, use, and share with us and the software developer, Nimbii, LLC, your vehicle’s geolocation data (i.e., time stamp, distance driven by valet, the real-time geographic location of your vehicle), Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), speed, revolutions per minutes (RPM), and engine health. The device may also combine this collected data with other info, such as the name and driving record of valets who drive your vehicle, in order for Nimbii, LLC to provide us with enhanced valet services and products. The data will be categorized and stored by type and, therefore, will be stored and used in a manner that does not, on its own, result in the direct association with any specific individual. We may transfer and disclose any non-personally identifying data collected to third parties for research, development, and any other purpose. However, any personally identifying data that is collected by Nimbii, LLC or affiliates will not be used, disclosed, shared with, or sold to any third parties, unless it is necessary or appropriate to perform research or comply with the law. In order to protect all data as well as customer privacy, all collected data will be maintained by Nimbii, LLC and its secure electronic storage provider (SESP) in a secure electronic location, erased from the device, and disposed of in accordance with Nimbii’s and/or its SESP’s data disposal policy. By acceptance and/or payment of this ticket, Customer consents to the use of the device and the collection, use, and sharing of foregoing data. To opt out of this enhanced valet service, please alert your valet driver. If you opt-out, we will not be able to provide you with the enhanced valet products or services exclusively rendered by Nimbii or the device or to respond to any queries you may have regarding data, including geolocation data about your vehicle and/or the valet driver, that would have otherwise been collected by the device. This is the entire contract and no employee can modify it. Customer waives all rights in conflict with the forgoing and agrees to posted rates and hours of operation. By payment and/or acceptance of this ticketed Customer agrees to all terms above.

Q: What is your privacy policy?
A: Nimbii is committed to protecting your privacy and earning and keeping your trust. We understand that you value your privacy, and that you may have concerns about how the data is collected, stored and utilized.

The device collects:
• Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)
• Location
• Speed
• Acceleration
• Vibration
• G-forces
• VIN number

You agree that Nimbii may examine the contents of your account as necessary during customer support interactions initiated by you.
We will not divulge data or meta-data concerning the behavior of our customers, the private contents of their accounts, or their records for billing, to any law enforcement officer or agency without order served directly by a US court having jurisdiction. We will give immediate notice to any customer named in such a court order, and access to their service will not be interrupted unless specifically barred by the court order.

Your account data can be analyzed and presented to you in multiple ways through Nimbii and third party application that you elect to use with your Nimbii account. For instance, your account data can be displayed to you in the form of route and mileage tracking, driver score, engine trouble code diagnostics, geo fence boundary limits etc. as is the function of the service or app. When you choose to use such apps and services, you implicitly grant the apps access to portions of your account data to deliver the services requested.

Nimbii’s vendor stores all data on a secure data storage cloud in the US.

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