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Minimal Investment

Increase Peace of Mind

Preemptively Identify Trouble

Increase Your Revenue

Minimal Investment

  • Utilize intuitive, user-friendly program
  • Integrate Nimbii with only a 30 second interruption to your operations
  • Get INSIGHTS immediately, not just a bunch of data

Increase Your Peace of Mind

  • 24/7 knowledge of where your shuttle is located
  • Factual data of how much gas you should be actually using
  • Confidence in safe shuttle driving

Identify Trouble Before It Starts

  • Monitor all driving in real time
  • Receive immediate notifications of reckless driving
  • Analyze trends in driver performance and locate trouble spots

Increase Profits

  • Reduce damage costs including worker’s comp, auto repair, decreased productivity
  • Create driver accountability for every vehicle movement
  • Reduce fuel costs

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